Elastopave + stones = surface

CastleHill Elastopave® is a resin-based compound for surface solutions. CastleHill Elastopave is unique to South Africa and has been developed in collaboration with a leading global innovator in the field, specifically for the local climate and terrain. When combined with aggregates, Elastopave creates strong, durable surfaces for areas like walkways, pavements, driveways, patio areas, tree pits and pool areas.

Elastopave is unique in its properties:

  • The surface is permeable and allows for water to filter through to the ground below.
  • The stone is easily laid down to create a smooth walking surface.
  • The compound enhances the natural colour of the stone. It gives surface areas an attractive, natural look and various colour stones can be mixed to create a unique paved walkway also allowing for logos and patterns to be easily incorporated using aluminium retaining strips.
  • Once cured, the surfaces have sufficient elasticity to resist cracking.
  • Curing time estimates at 4 hours under perfect weather conditions where temperatures exceed 23 degrees Celsius.
  • For pedestrian use (walkways) a minimum 50 mm compacted thickness of 13 mm or smaller sized stone is used.
  • Elastopave is versatile since it can be used to overlay existing ‘worn-out-looking’ surfaces.

Elastopave can also be used to secure loose stone in hard landscaping and pavement areas thus preventing spillage of stone in unwanted areas like flower beds and street gutters.

Elastopave is currently being tested through the South African Burea of Standard (SABS).

Elastopave surfaces are care-easy:

  • permeable and allows for water to filter through to the ground below, preventing puddles on surface areas.
  • sufficient elasticity to resist cracking
  • high-traffic areas do not have to be replaced over time but can be easily overlaid

Elastopave surfaces are easily installed, e.g. pedestrian use surface (thickness 50 mm, stone size up to 13 mm) has an average curing time of 4 hours given ideal weather conditions.

Local Stone Range:

A range of local stones is available to create your Elastopave surface varies in size and color. Each one can be used uniformly as aggregate or in combination to create a unique design.

mountain crush  black crush stone marine stone  red diamond stone

Mountain Crush Stone                       Black Crush Stone                         Marine Stone                            Red Diamond Stone