Commercial Projects

Vergelegen Estate, Somerset West

The prestigious Vergelegen Estate now features a wheelchair-friendly pathway that is even, smooth and barrier-free. Castle Hill installed a bespoke Elastopave® surface, increasing access to some of the favourite spots on the estate for the many visitors enjoying the tranquility of this special place.

 CastleHill Elastopave at Vergelegen Estate, Somerset West

Langa, Cape Town

As part of the Langa Canal Upgrades Project, Castle Hill installed a bespoke Elastopave® surface on behalf of the City of Cape Town. A communal seating area now features an inlay compass.

 CastleHill Elastopave Langa compass

Elsieskraal Canal, Pinelands, Cape Town

The Elsieskraal Canal is approx. 3 km long and runs through the suburb of Pinelands. Tree-lined paths run along the sides of the canal, with footbridges crossing the canal at various locations. They are highly frequented by locals and yield high volumes of foot traffic. Two such crossings were identified as in need of repair because tree roots had lifted and damaged the adjoining pavements. The grounds were levelled and a new Elastopave® surface was installed for the benefit of making these routes safer and more accessible – for people on foot, on bicycles, and for people using a wheelchair. The routes are also more enjoyable now for the natural appeal of Elastopave® complements the leafy surroundings. CastleHill’s crew took careful consideration not to disrupt access to the areas during peak times during the upgrade work.

CastleHill_Elastopave-Pinelands-Elsieskraal-Canal-1 CastleHill_Elastopave-Pinelands-Elsieskraal-Canal-2 CastleHill_Elastopave-Pinelands-Elsieskraal-Canal-3

14th Street Park, Kensington, Cape Town

This park in the Northern suburbs has been earmarked for a large-scale upgrade by the City of Cape Town in consultation with the local community. Key aspirations are the recreational use of the area and a child-friendly environment. As part of the upgrade, CastleHill was appointed to re-surface 400 sqm of existing walkways, turning them into smooth surfaces for walking, jogging, and cycling. The project was completed in twelve days. Most of the laterite stone already on site was fit to be recycled for the bottom layer; the smooth top layer was made with Elastopave® using a 9mm light-brown stone. We look forward to the community enjoying the facilities to the fullest.

CastleHill_Elastopave_Kensington_14thStreetPark_1 CastleHill_Elastopave_Kensington_14thStreetPark_3 CastleHill_Elastopave_Kensington_14thStreetPark_2

Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, Muizenberg, Cape Town

The Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve is a nature reserve and recreational area situated on Cape Town’s False Bay coast and covering 300 hectares. Along the estuary’s tidal creek, CastleHill laid the first section of an Elastopave® trail. The smooth and steady trail allows walkers, runners, cyclists and dog lovers to enjoy the area. Stone from a local quarry was used for the surface layer and bound with Elastopave®, a resin-polyurethane mixture. Elastopave® surfaces are permeable, hence offer a paving solution that is least interruptive to the local water cycle.

Download the project sheet here: pdf CastleHill Elastopave® Zandvlei (1 MB)

CastleHill_Elastopave_Zandvlei_2 CastleHill_Elastopave_Zandvlei_3 CastleHill_Elastopave_Zandvlei_4



Village Green, Rosebank, Cape Town

CastleHill_Elastopave_VillageGreen_1 CastleHill_Elastopave_VillageGreen_2 CastleHill_Elastopave_VillageGreen_3


Rouwkoop Road, Rosebank, Cape Town



Arderne Gardens, Claremont, Cape Town

The Arderne Gardens is a public park located in Claremont, Cape Town. The existing laterite walkways were crumbling and in parts badly damaged. CastleHill was appointed to provide the new paving solution. Elastopave was used to overlay the existing pathways after surfaces had been cleaned of debris and moss. The results were smooth walking surfaces that blend in with the environment. The walkway leading to the on-site restrooms features an inlay with stone of a different color.

Download the project sheet here: pdf CastleHill Elastopave® Arderne Gardens (1 MB)

CastleHill_Elastopave_ArderneGardens_4 CastleHill_Elastopave_ArderneGardens_2 CastleHill_Elastopave_ArderneGardens_3


University of the Western Cape, Bellville Campus

The University of the Western Cape commissioned Castle Hill to create a paving solution for its Business Innovation Centre. By using Elastopave with Mountain Crush stone, Castle Hill created a neat and effective walkway that will be able to sustain high volumes of foot traffic and that fits the visual look of the university.

CastleHill_Elastopave_UWC_02 CastleHill_Elastopave_UWC_01 CastleHill_Elastopave_UWC_04