Residential Projects


This private home courtyard is looking neat with its new Elastopave® surface! Step 1 of the transformation entailed some landscaping to level parts of the yard. We installed a retainer wall and created two even levels that allow easy access and walking in that area. In Step 2, we removed the surface soil and installed a subbase of loose, compacted stone. Charcoal-coloured cobble edging was laid along the boundaries of the yard. Then, the top layer of Elastopave® was laid using a 6mm light brown crushed stone.

Elastopave courtyard South Africa

Side walk and ramp

Previously featuring sand and remnants of grass, this entrance of a private property underwent an Elastopave® revamp, using a 9 mm light brown crushed stone for its side walk and ramp to the driveway. The benefits? Besides the new neat and appealing look, there are no more loose gravel stones that end up in the road, which also eliminates the need to refill the gravel on a regular basis. CastleHill Elastopave® stone surfaces are firmly bonded, water permeable and hard-wearing even for private vehicle traffic.

Elastopave side walk and ramp installation


This courtyard of a private residence was transformed into a blissful outdoor area with CastleHill Elastopave®. Elastopave® surfaces across the terrace and adjoining areas bring a lovely calm to the space. They also provide functional benefits: the permeable Elastopave® surfaces are water-wise as rainwater can trickle through and temperature-wise as air can circulate and surfaces exposed to direct sunlight stay cooler than traditional surfaces. The project was done in collaboration with Starke Ayres Garden Centre Rosebank, Cape Town.

Private residence courtyard

Garden Walkway

The owners of this private home approached CastleHill to solve their problem of mud being carried into the house from outside. Large stone slabs were used to form a pathway but they were placed too far away from each other without further material in between. CastleHill was able to keep the stone slabs, as requested by the owners, and – by adding Elastopave®  to the previously unsecured areas – to create a beautiful and effective walkway. The free-form nature of the Elastopave® technology allows for the additional material to be laid and secured perfectly around the stone slabs.

CastleHill_Elastopave_ResidentalWalkway_3 CastleHill_Elastopave_ResidentalWalkway_1 CastleHill_Elastopave_ResidentalWalkway_4